HS285® Overhead Conductor

HS285® Overhead Conductor. More Solutions in One Choice.

If reliability, proven success, contingency capacity, reconductoring options, lower costs, and reduced line losses are on the list of must-haves for overhead transmission, Southwire’s HS285 overhead conductor is the multi-purpose tool your utility needs.

HS285 overhead conductors are ultra-high strength ACSS conductors with a steel core that is up to 36% stronger than a standard ACSR core while being able to withstand up to 285 ksi. HS285 overhead conductors are able to be strung tighter with less sag, allowing for a 60-95% increase in available capacity over standard ACSR.

HS285 overhead conductors are the most popular ultra-high strength ACSS conductor in use today. Utilities choose Southwire’s HS285 overhead conductors over alternatives because they add significantly more line capacity at a lower cost premium than other composite core conductors.

One solution – and the ASTM standard for UHS – has been proven in the field: Southwire’s HS285 overhead conductors. Identify a line on your system that would benefit from lower line losses and higher capacity and switch to HS285 overhead conductors.


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