C Overhead Conductor

Southwire’s innovative C7® overhead conductor features a multi-stranded, carbon-fiber composite core to provide greater flexibility, reliability and single-failure tolerance. Its advanced core and polymer coating provides C7 overhead conductors with unprecedented heat resistance and a 40+ year service life expectancy.

From new lines to reconductoring, C7 overhead conductors are engineered to withstand the rigors of installation and operation. Utility providers can reduce new-line costs by installing with standard line tools on existing structures and foundations. Reconductoring is also more affordable, as C7 overhead conductors nearly double the capacity with less sag than same-diameter ACSR.

As part of Southwire’s complete set of overhead transmission conductors, C7 overhead conductors fulfill a market need for increased performance, capacity and affordability. It is available in Trapezoidal Wire (TZ), Aluminum Zirconium (AlZr) and O-Temper versions to better suit your specific needs.

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