VR2® Vibration Resistant Conductor

VR2® Vibration Resistant Conductor, Southwire’s dual-conductor cable design, is truly unique from others on the market: it features a twist that changes with conductor size to provide the ultimate Aeolian vibration and ice galloping resistance. But VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor offers something even more revolutionary—it’s easier to install.

“This product represents the next generation in vibration-resistant cables,” says Stephen Spruell, product development manager at Southwire. Indeed, the patented design offers significantly less opportunity for bagging during installation. It represents an easy solution for utility engineers, contractors, installers, and distributors—especially in the Midwest, where wind-loading, ice-loading, and conductor galloping are frequent challenges. “VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor delivers the performance you need while offering the easiest installation vibration-resistant cable on the market today.”

VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor allows you to decrease labor associated with bagging problems:

  • The patented VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor design eliminates conductor separation and bagging by holding individual conductors together during installation.
  • Reduce the expense of multiple bucket-trucks and installation crews required to bump loops and bags out of installed conductors.
  • VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor works with the same installation and mounting hardware that traditional dual-conductor cables use.

VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor gives you the performance you expect

  • Field studies and computer analysis show VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor delivers equal to or better resistance to Aeolian vibration and ice-galloping than traditional dual-conductor constructions.
  • Computer models show VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor gives a typical decrease in drag forces of two percent over traditional dual-conductor constructions.
  • Advanced dynamic analysis measured drag force, lift force, moment load, and vortex shedding frequency at multiple wind angles.
  • Reducing drag forces reduces stress on structures and conductors.
  • Sag calculations for standard conductors work for VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor.
  • VR2 Vibration Resistant Conductor helps you bring your dual-conductor project in on schedule and within budget.


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