Proof Positive® Copper

Copper theft is an epidemic affecting utilities, farmers, recyclers, law enforcement, and communities nationwide. While copper theft poses serious threats to the continuity of power supply, public safety, and loss of crops, no product has been able to provide proof of ownership of stolen copper–which is critical to prosecuting criminals and helping end copper theft—until now.

To help utility and agricultural customers protect their investments, Southwire has developed traceable, theft-deterrent Proof Positive® Copper, Proof Positive® Copper-Clad Steel and Proof Positive® Span Cable.

Each Proof Positive® product provides:


  • Center strand contains laser-etched Trace ID™ codes (Proof Positive Copper & Proof Positive Copper-Clad Steel) that are unique to each foot of cable
  • In Proof Positive Span Cable, Trace ID codes are printed on a marker tape inside
  • Online database contains ownership data for verification
  • Utilities, farmers, agricultural equipment dealers, recyclers, and law enforcement agencies can access data in real-time
  • The Proof Positive® iPhone/iPad app also provides proof of ownership anywhere, any time


  • Tinned outer and center strands distinguish Proof Positive Copper and Copper-Clad Steel from other bare copper and copper-clad steel
  • For Proof Positive Span Cable, a bright yellow jacketing provides immediate recognition
  • Visual identification is key to alerting recyclers that the product has likely been stolen
  • Visual identification also serves as a deterrent for thieves
  • Steel core of Proof Positive Copper-Clad Steel is harder to cut and has lower scrap value than solid copper

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