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Although this guide includes specific recommendations, it is impossible to cover all possible design, installation, and operating situations for every application. Please use the information in this guide as general guidelines only. This guide is intended for users who have an understanding of the engineering fundamentals of substation cable systems.

Utility approaches to powerful and increasingly frequent storms

See industry expert answers to questions such as:

  • What hardening measures is your utility taking to prepare for storms in advance?
  • What actions are you taking on the front end of storm season to increase the speed of your post-storm response?
  • How would you rank the following elements in terms of importance when working with a supplier for storm preparedness and response?
  • What concerns you most going forward with regards to future storms?

Storm Response and Management Survey

Storm preparation and response is obviously nothing new. 2017 saw numerous high-profile storms, drawing media attention as well as focusing the attention of utilities, regulators, policymakers, and the general public on efforts to manage and respond as effectively as possible. To better understand the strategies and priorities that utilities across North America are embracing for these preparation and response efforts, Southwire Company partnered with the Utility Dive Brand Studio to survey more than 100 industry executives.